My Lovely July Day

Here I am, July 29, 2012. Hanging out with my best friends for a lovely Summer cookout. Hot dogs, hamburgers, steak tips on the grill. Red wine and beer flowing. Million dollar views of the ocean on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My former girlfriend (and now just best friend) and her husband with their new beautiful boy. My now current girlfriend wearing a cute new shirt and short-shorts. Camaraderie, great weather, great food, great friends and gorgeous weather all adds up to a perfect day. As a workaholic taking the day off with no agenda except to chill with your buds is awesome. I run a number of online businesses that generate money 24/7 so I’m still making money while hanging out with my best-est buddies ever and having a brilliant time. Does it get any better than this? I don’t think so.

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Who’s Running This Show?

Who runs this website you may be asking? Well, if you must know my name is Jeff Aikman a.k.a. The Architect. While my name may not be on the tip of your lips, let me assure you my company is a well oiled machine. I own this and thousands of other domains as well as several hundred other businesses. Most people in the industry hate me. I own a huge library of movies, employ a full time staff and have dozens of virtual workers from the Philippines, Indonesia, India and China. People call me all sorts of names, many are envious, many dubious and others just plain ignorant. People are jealous because I have found success running my company for years that is very profitable. If you are an independent person making money in this lousy economy, a lot of people will try to run you down. It’s okay, I’m living the millionaire lifestyle and enjoying every minute of it. I’m into a lot of endeavors including owning this website. I have a lot of friends and a lot more enemies. Everything I touch seems to turn to gold. I don’t take on a lot of new partners to work with but if you are persistent I may opt to work with you. I have business partners that make a LOT of money with me. Most succeed, very little fail. If you have a business idea, either web based or otherwise and you’d like to discuss it with me I can always be contacted at I may not choose to work with you but I am always open to new ventures.

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I Love Wallpaper (The Band)

I have to admit my new favorite band du jour is a group out of California named Wallpaper. I first saw and heard of these guys at the Kiss 108 concert at the Comcast Center near Boston. They just enthrall me. The lead singer, Ricky Reed, is funny as heck. And their songs are infectious. In fact one is the “best song ever” which just so happens to be the name of the song. And then they sing these infectious tunes like “Shotgun”, “Okay,” ” I Got Soul I’m So Wasted” and “Stupidfacedd.” If you have never heard of Wallpaper I suggest you google them or go to Their bass is crazy. The lyrics are fun and funny. You will LOVE them!

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Man Goes Crazy On Tower Of Terror

Apparently at Disney California Adventure on the Tower of Terror ride a guy went crazy after being on this attraction. He was egging on employees, throwing punches and had to be pepper sprayed. The video which has gone viral on youtube appears to me that the employees were actually pepper spraying this guy after he had pretty much given up. I guess if you’re working for the Mouse Factory at a minimum wage job you need to spice things up a bit to make your day seem to go faster. I’m just curious how this guy would react to a real thrill ride like those found at Magic Mountain or any Cedar Fair park. I’ve been on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland Resort many a time (and also at Walt Disney World) and the attraction isn’t that terrifying! I’m more petrified at Disneyland’s admission price into the park!

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Quiting Smoking Is Super Easy When Using Allen Carr’s Method

The Easy Way To Stop Smoking is probably the greatest book ever written after the Bible. If you’ve ever struggled with cigarette smoking I highly recommend Allen Carr’s book. This little dossier can be read in an hour or two and don’t ask me how it works…it just does. After just one read you will never want to pick up another cigarette again. I think it’s a mild form of self hypnosis but it works. I was smoking about a pack a day of Marlboro Red but no more. I am now healthier, have saved a ton of money, my clothes don’t reek of smoke, I have more friends, not embarrassed of my bad habit and have more energy. Give Allen Carr’s book a chance. It’ll save your health and your wallet.

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